Picture of How To Make The StarComet Paper Airplane
Fast, long range and nimble, the StarComet is a small "drone-fighter" paper airplane designed to replace the Mite and complement the Meteor. While the wing shape of the StarComet is different than that of the Meteor, the two have equal wing loading factors.

The StarComet's development began at the same time as the Meteor, as a successor to the Mite; as the two designs were developed in parallel to share some commonality for ease of construction. Like the Meteor, the StarComet was found to be a stable, nimble airplane easy to make and fly. After its testing affirmed the StarComet's capabilities and was concluded, the aircraft was designated as ready for publication.

TAA USAF Designation: D314-1

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1 Piece of 8 by 10.5 inch graph paper

My StarComet Flew Like A Jet! Amazing!