Step 8: Taping

Tape the Starfire up at its front, back and its bottom. The Starfire be taped as it is in the fourth picture.
what is your fastest paper airplane?
That's hard to say, since people can throw at different speeds. I suspect the Skyknight, Banshee or Skydragon are amongst the fastest though.
ok thanks!
Can you help me about this step.. ?
Well from the first photo to the second, open and fold forward the paper formation you made in the previous steps. From the second to third photos, continue the fold down. From the third to the fourth crease. Between the fourth and the fifth photo, flip the airplane over. From the fifth to the sixth, pull the front of the fold down over the crease behind it. After finishing the sixth fold, begin folding the paper into itself on the seventh, eighth and ninth folds as shown.
Interesting design and it flies too!
Wow! This is one of the most awesome planes I've made! :D
Ok thanks.. :P

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