Originally envisioned as a smaller, but more effective follow-on to the Hornet, the Stinger is a lightweight "drone" paper airplane, with a compact cropped delta wing. The Stinger is equipped with winglets, ventral fins, landing gear and trimmed horizontal stabilizer; and has provisions for ailerons, flaps, flaperons, elevators, and a trimmable rudder. These features make it a capable test aircraft, for use in places such as classrooms.

As far as potential in the classroom goes, it would be a great test aircraft. However, teacher guidance may be needed as these little airplanes were designed to fly like fighter jets after all...

The Stinger prototypes have also disproved the popular misconception that "delta-shaped wings have poor glide ratios". On average, the Stinger prototypes attained a glide ratio of 5 to 1. This is on par with several of my straight wing, high aspect ratio drones.

In June 2011, when I first began researching and developing this airplane, it was going to rather single purposed as a "figher". However, about the same time, I began seeing the many comments on contemporary instructables, voicing viewer's wishes that a more advanced design be released. I decided I'd pursued that specification with the new aircraft as well. Eventually, the Stinger became a multirole aircraft; one that could be used as a fighter, trainer, stunt or test plane.  

TAA USAF Designation: D158-1

Step 1: Materials

1 Piece of 8 by 10.5 inch graph paper

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