Step 6: Fold the Top Down

Fold the nose down along the preexisting fold lines.
<p>This is one of your designs that I failed to make.I always ended up stuck at the Step 7 section so I gave up.How did you do that?</p>
<p>On step 7, you are trying to pull the paper out toward you along creases made in the steps leading up to step 7.</p>
The name stratojagger is officially being applied to some random object I own, plus it's now a term of endearment... <br /> <br /> Cool plane though...&nbsp;
Thanks. The airplane's name was not named for the denotation, but simply with &quot;<em>Strato-</em>&quot; as a reference to altitude and &quot;<em>jagger</em>&quot; being a random thought of mine. Thus, it received the name &quot;<em>Stratojagger</em>&quot;.

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