Introduction: How to Make the Strike Owl Paper Airplane

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A fast, stable, simple and landing gear-equipped paper airplane, the Strike Owl is a great addition to anyone's arsenal.  Smaller than its ancestor, the Owl, the Strike Owl can perform with greater agility.  

TAA USAF Designation: A49-1

Step 1: Materials

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1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch paper
1 Large paper clip

Step 2: Length and Corner Folding

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Take your paper and fold it in half along your length. Then pull both of the corners into the center.

Step 3: Nose Folding

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Pull the point of the nose down to the bottom of the corner folds. After this is done, fold the paper down along the bottom of the corner folds.

Step 4: Landing Gear Folding

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Upon beginning the step, you need to have your paper aligned as it is in the first picture. To start, fold the corner down to to edge of the bottom of the folding and mark the edge as pictured. Then repeat on the other side. After these are folded down, unfold them. Pull the paper open and then fold the paper back into and over itself as shown.

Step 5: Fold the Wings

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It is now time for you to fold the wings. First, fold the airplane in half along its center line. Afterwards, fold the wing down from about 1 inch above the center line (make sure you don't fold the landing gear with it). Repeat on the other side.  

Step 6: Cut and Fold the Winglets

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On this step, you cut the winglets. Cut both winglets about center between the leading edge and the the trailing edge. Precision on where you cut is not as important as cutting each of the wings equally. Once they are cut, fold the front winglets up, and the rear winglets down.

Step 7: Tape and Make Final Adjustments

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Now begins the simple task of taping your Strike Owl up. Tape the front and back up together. Then apply a piece of tape over the trailing edge. After this, apply the paper clip to the front of the aircraft. 

Step 8: Flight

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Your Strike Owl is now ready for the nice stable flights. Enjoy!

To launch, pitch the aircraft down slightly and throw with moderate force.

Step 9: Modifications

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Other models based off of the Strike Owl include:

A49-1R Strike Owl: A Strike Owl with the landing gear turned into nacelles taped up to the bottom of the airfoil for cargo/rocket capability. (

Step 10: Modifications to Add Pods

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To modify the A49-1 Strike Owl up to the "-1R" pod-equipped variant, you must:

1.) Flip the Strike Owl onto its back. Fold the dorsal fins down as you flatten the top.

2.) Once flat, focus your attention on the landing gear. Begin by squashing the gear down. What was the front of the gear should now be flattened and comprising the center of the future pod. Do this to the other side.

3.) After both pods have been prepared, tape them down so that the clean side (which is straight and parallel to the fuselage) is on the side towards the fuselage.

4.) Once you've taped the pods up to the wing, put the Strike Owl right side up and restore the fins.


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