Step 2: Divide and Conquer

In order to attach the belt to the guitar, we'll need plain leather on both ends to slip onto the strap buttons. We also want to be able to adjust the length of the strap, so we need to keep the buckle intact. Luckily, this can all be accomplished with one simple cut.

Cut off the non-buckle end of the belt, leaving at least 1" of plain unstudded leather on the long piece of the belt. If you don't like the squared-off ends this leaves behind, you can angle-cut or round off the cut ends. Just make sure that there's enough leather left to make the holes for the buttons in the next step.
This is a great instructable. I really enjoyed reading this... I am thinking about making one for a cousin of mine who would appreciate such an interesting piece for his guitar.... or maybe even my brother... Now I have noticed that this works out well for the youngling but what about someone who's alot older... will it still work out to be the same? Do I need to use 2 belts etc. etc... I would love to know :D
Really, it all depends on the belts you find. I've seen extra-long belts that would work just fine by themselves, even for a full-grown person. Two shorter belts could also work, you'd just buckle them together in the middle. I'm actually working on a two-belt strap right now, mostly because I founda couple of great belts at Goodwill this weekend. I'll post pictures (or a new Instructable if the process turns out to be different enough to document separately).
Neat! :D I need to see if my Brother will give me back my guitar! LOL! Though he probably uses it much more than I ever have :D
Sweet! I love this project, and your writing is great!
aaw man, this was my idea too... only thing is i didn't have any old belts long enough. In fact i only had one, and was going to try and find more- but now i won't bother. Great minds think alike :)
Hey, go ahead and do it anyway. If you want to, you could call yours The Even More Epic Guitar Strap of Ultimate Awesomeness or something. If all went well, a bunch of others would jump on and we'd wind up a bunch of Arduino-controlled, LED encrusted, duct tape reinforced, pop-tab chainmailled guitar straps that fit in an Altoids tin. It would be AWESOME! <br>
I like it
haha, i haven't even got enough belts to do it :P
I am highly amused by your intro. XD
Thanks. I'll pass that on to Mr. Demon Guy next time he drops by to drink all of my beer.
I have had a strap similar too this for awhile, but it was made from a cheap pleather / plastic type belt so to get around the lack of strength of the belt i just cut off the ends, sewed it to a cheapo Fort Bryan strap using thick nylon fishing line, seen this and figured i would post a picture of my trusty old cheapo strap <br>which usually looks cooler then any other strap in the room minus other spike straps &gt;:P<br>
Nice! Awesomeness abounds!
Truly outstanding! I gotta ask, in the interests of awesomeness -- are those <i>bloodstains on the pointy studs?</i>
Gosh.... I hope so. Rock &amp; roll takes no prisoners!

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