Introduction: How to Make the Ultimate Cup of Tea

Step 1: Fill the Kettle Up With Water

Step 2: Put the Kettle on to Boil

Step 3: Select an Ultimate Cup or Mug

Step 4: Wait for the Kettle to Boil

Don't forget to put your watch on.....

Step 5: Put a Teabag in the Cup

Step 6: Add Approximately Two and a Half Teaspoons of Sugar

Step 7: Pour the Boiled Water in the Cup

Step 8: Stir the Cup Until the Sugar Has Completely Dissolved

Step 9: Add Milk

Step 10: Remove the Teabag and Stir Your Tea Again

Step 11: Enjoy Your Ultimate Cup of Tea


Bad+billy+goat made it!(author)2015-01-13

Ah, t-bag, I always forget something.

alonzomann made it!(author)2015-01-11

No better way :'D

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