Step 10: Finishing Up the Pattern

1. Take the two red strings in the middle and tie them together (Picture 1).

2. Complete a green chevron (Picture 2).

This will transition you into the next round of the pattern.

The leading color this time will be green and in the next round it will be blue and then red again and it will repeat as such throughout the bracelet!

White will never be the leading color, it will always be the innermost color of the pattern.
<p>awesome idea </p><p>Atb for future attempts</p>
Cute and cool!
Super easy, thank you
<p>great instructable!</p>
Thank you everyone for your compliments! I'm glad you're enjoying this tutorial! Have fun!
i really like this!!!! it looks cool!!
i love making friendship bracelets and i think that this was pretty cool...
This is great , what an awesome site
I'm thankful that you made this difficult looking bracelet tutorial with easy-to-follow steps. I did have one problem with it though.. I used the length of string recommended, and was only able to get four &quot;different colored segments(?)&quot;. My bracelet is about 3 inches long and I don't think i'll be able to tie it :(
WOW this is amazing, i made one and now all my friends want one. at first it made me mad we i started the bracelet because i had trouble doing it. but in the end it turned out great.<br>
cool pattern!!
it sorta looks like a froggy totem pole! :)
I love this!
Nice, that creates an interesting pattern.

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