Step 12: Tips!

1. Mistakes happen. The optional sewing needle will be your best friend if you ever need to redo a set of knots, just use it to pick the knot apart so you can re-do it.

2. These bracelets can take a while to complete so you'll probably get tired or bored half way through. That's fine, just make sure when you pick it back up you have the WORKING side facing up and not the SHOW side. It will mess up the finished product if you don't.

3. Keep your strings in their order! The order of the strings will guide you through the pattern if you keep them in their appropriate order.

4. Get creative and have fun! The amount of patterns you can do with the two basic knots you learned are virtually endless!

Good Luck!
samyuktha28 days ago

awesome idea

Atb for future attempts