How to Make the UltraDelta Paper Airplane





Introduction: How to Make the UltraDelta Paper Airplane

Very fast, long range and stealthy, the UltraDelta is likely my most advanced flying wing paper airplane to date. This airplane was designed to replace the Super OmniDelta and appease viewer's wishes for new delta wing paper airplane too. I am quite proud of this paper airplane, because it is not a development of any existing model and its characteristics are so excellent. I am sure it will please others just as much.

TAA USAF Designation: F250-1

Step 1: Materials

1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch Paper

Step 2: Width and Corner Folding

Take your piece of paper and fold it in half width-wide. Then fold each corner down as shown.

Step 3: Airfoil and Counterweight Folding

Fold the tip of your airplane to the rear and make a crease. Then pull the leading edges of the paper towards the center crease and make a crease. Once you've done this on both sides, unfold the paper. Then fold the swept edges in towards these creases. Fold the rhombus in the center forward as shown. Then fold the wing leading edge sections down over the triangle.

Step 4: Making the Fins

Fold your airplane up in two along the center crease. Measure and mark 0.5 inches in from the trailing edge along the center crease. Then measure and mark 0.75 inches outwards from the center crease along the trailing edge. Then measure 0.75 inwards from this mark and make a line this long. Connect this line to the mark you made along the center crease. Cut along this diagonal line.

Step 5: Taping and Fin Folding

Unfold the airplane and cut along the center crease to the half inch mark you made earlier. Then tape along the airfoil sections as directed. Flip the airplane over and tape where designated. Then fold your fins upwards, parallel with the center crease. Pull them away from the center crease and align their trailing edges with that of the wing. Then crease their bottoms.

Step 6: Flight

The UltraDelta is a very fast flying wing paper airplane that can fly very long ranges. Launch technique counts, but is fairly simple. Hold the UltraDelta between its fins and toss at moderate speed. You may need to pinch the airfoil sections to make them thicker from time to time, but do so equally or as needed. Additional surfaces applicable include air brakes, decelerons, elevators, ailerons, elevons, flaps, and rudders. Enjoy!



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    Nice glider, but pardon, I don't understand well the launch technique (I don't speak English, maybe that is the problem).

    You say "Hold the UltraDelta between its fins..." but the surface between fins is an horizontal plane. I always threw paper airplanes taking them by its vertical part. Should I bend it, or should I change the position of my arm?

    Thanks in advance.

    This picture of the similar OmniDelta should convey the message. This is how the UltraDelta should be held and launched.


    OK, thanks and happy Chistmas!

    Why did you say that? Both are correct and proper.

    Thanks Robot, that reassures me.

    Thanks and pardon, I don't speak English.

    Can you explain me wy not to say happy Chistmas?

    hehe I say happy Christmas too and I speak English.

    i know how

    put 3 fingers up the paper airplane and two from the botom and trow it

    i made it right

    i have 12 years old coooooooooooooooooool

    I just want to ask I have not taped the body I just stapled is it fine?