How to Make the UltraSpectre Paper Airplane





Introduction: How to Make the UltraSpectre Paper Airplane

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Fast, long range and versatile, the UltraSpectre is an extremely adaptable paper airplane that can perform all sorts of feats. It is no doubt one of my most multirole airplanes and is likely to be one of my top performers for quite some time. The UltraSpectre may even be the ultimate incarnation of the Spectre family. The UltraSpectre is a hybrid, combining traits of the Super Spectre and the Leopard paper airplanes, both of which have been very well received and successful, into one common airframe.

TAA USAF Designation: A2-11

Step 1: Materials

1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch Paper

Step 2: Length and Corner Folding

Take your paper and fold it along its length. Then pull the corners in and fold them into the center.

Step 3: Nose and Security Folding

Pull the nose down along the bottom of the corner folds. Then pull the corners into the center. Then open them and fold their inner corners up to the crease. Then fold them back along the crease. Then pull the small triangle that remains over the two folds.

Step 4: Marking and Making the Wings, Fins and Elevators

Fold your airplane up along its center crease. Then make marks at its front and back 1 inch above this crease. From the rear mark, measure 1.25 inches inwards and make a mark. Along the center crease, measure 1 inch in from the trailing edge and make a mark. Connect the center crease mark to the one you made in the middle of the wing. At the wingtip repeat this process. Make a mark 1 inch from the wingtip along the trailing edge, measure 1.25 inches inwards from that and measure 1 inch from the trailing edge along the wingtip and make a mark. Then connect the two marks with a line.

Fold the wing down along the 1 inch marks you made at the front and back. Then unfold them and cut along the fins' lines. Then mark out the elevators. Measure 0.5 inches outwards of the wing root and make a mark. Then measure another inch further out and make another mark. Then measure 0.375 inches inwards from each of these marks and make lines.

Once you've cut the elevators, pull the center fin up and through the fuselage whilst folding the outrigger fins downwards. Then fold the elevators up.

Step 5: Taping

Tape your UltraSpectre at the front and back of its fuselage and underneath its center fin at its rear. Adjust your aircraft's elevators accordingly too.

Step 6: Flight

Like many others of the Spectre family before it, the UltraSpectre is easy to fly. Give your airplane a quick toss forward for best range and speed. Additional surfaces applicable include ailerons, elevons, flaps, slats, speed brakes, rudders, an electronic warfare tail and a bomb bay. Enjoy!



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This airplane is easy to make and fly. Overall it is a great plane.

Love the design, this may be my favourite of all your aircraft so far!

The bomb bay would be added by making a cut to the fuselage behind the airfoil folds at a point where structural integrity would not be compromised, the center fold crease would be brought to the wing root creases and then unfolded. Doors would be cut for the bomb bay by making cuts into the fuselage then cutting along the center crease. The original cut would then be taped to restore integrity to the fuselage and the lower rear portion of the bomb bay would be folded up to keep the contents aboard in the airplane.

I have never made an instructable for this because of the insufficient demand for it. To my knowledge, your comment is the first inquiry in years regarding the bomb bay provision.


Thank you! Do you mind sending a picture !

Here are two photographs of an UltraSpectre with a bomb bay, per your request. (In fact, this example was also made to the "ElectroSpectre" standard with an electronic warfare tail.)



Thanks you are awesome!

Sorry for the double comment clicked post twice!

How do you add a bomb bay?

I am a Paper airplane geek and this one looks awesome!

P.S. Cool name KipDynamite!

nice but the noly thing i hate about ur planes is to much measureing cuttin and taping

1 reply

I appreciate your comment and am happy to hear you enjoy the airplanes. The taping, measurements and cuts I incorporate into my airplanes are measures I integrate to help eliminate confusion and give the maker a higher chance of successful construction and flights--quality control when all is said and done.