Fast, long range and versatile, the Vulcan is a very capable paper airplane. With its dart shape and canards, the Vulcan is very fast and can fly farther than most other paper airplanes. The Vulcan is intended as a multirole successor to dedicated aircraft like the Dagger, Viper, Panther and Black Widow.

The Vulcan came as the result of an attempt to develop a more capable variant of the Dagger, which the Vulcan retains some commonality with. The development effort was very successful; the Vulcan is more capable than the Dagger in every way. With this excellent performance demonstrated, the Vulcan was allotted an instructable.

TAA USAF Designation: F292-1

Step 1: Materials

1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch Paper
Scissors (additional surfaces only)
<p>Thanks to my sister for sharing on Google+! She knows me all too well&hellip;</p>
I made a few of your planes and this one is by far the best so far. I messed up a fold or 2 and the flaps in the front are touching the point above it but i folded them under, parallel with the center then unfolded to 45 degrees so they caced back and it flies great!

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