How to Make the Witch King Dagger





Introduction: How to Make the Witch King Dagger

This is one of my versions on "how to make the witch kings dagger" it is a prop made out of wood and foam. I will probably make a better one and when I do I will post it. Have fun and be creative!!

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

The things that you will need is foam mats I got them from Lowe's for 20$ for 4 mats, a 1/4 inch popular board also from Lowe's, wire, a hot glue gun, a Sharpie, electrical tape, a tape measure, a scrap of pleather brown, a jig saw, silver and black paint, a rasp, a Dremel and wood putty.

Step 2: Shaping the Blade

First measure how long you want you blade to be. The witch kings dagger is overall 26 inches the blade is 16 inches

Step 3: Cutting the Blade

Use the jig saw to cut the blade out. Make sure to clamp the blade down while you cut.

Step 4: Sanding and Grinding

After you cut the blade you will want to take your rasp and grind the edges like a real sword you could also use a belt grinder to do this but I don't have one. After you have done that on both sides you sand the whole sword till its smooth. Than you are going to get a Dreamel and make the blood groves or the fuller. First you mark them in sharpie than I use the Dremel to grind them our carefully.

Step 5: Handguard

So get your foam mat trace the outline of your handguard (which is the part that protects your hand) and the three spiked piece that goes on top. Cut the two pieces out carefully and you may have to do a couple of times to get it right. I had to do is 3 times. Than use the Dremal and scissors to refine the edges. Than again use the Dreamel to take off the bad side ( as I like to call it). After you have done that to both pieces cut the three spiked piece in half. Than cut a little slit in the middle of the main piece of the handguard, just big enough so that you can slide it over and onto the place where it should go. And the foam might break as you do that so you might have to do it again.

Step 6: Handle.

Trace and cut out a handle shape than cut that in half and sand off the bad side. Glue them on to both sides of the tang. Next wrap wire around the foam than cover it in electrical tape.

Step 7: Pomel

This is a tricky part because I didn't know what to make it out of. One thing that you will probably have to do I figure out your own way to make this part be creative, but if you do want to follow how I did it this is how. First get a kinda big piece of craft foam and cut out five pieces. The first piece is a long strip that goes all the way around the bottom of the handle*i would recommend to look at a picture of the witch kings dagger wile your making this* next piece is a tubish this that goes on the bitty. The next three pieces are the flower petal things. I recommend making a template that you like than making two more of those. Next you want to glue the three petals around the edge of the tube so that each of the edges are touching. Next glue that whole piece to the end * make sure you get is straight*.

Step 8: Finishing Up!!

These are the last steps. Get your wood putty ( recommend using Elmer's) and put in all the cracks on the handguard and pomel than let that dry. Next after the wood putty dry sand is down with sand paper till smooth. Before you paint it make a couple of nicks in the blade with your rasp, than sand them down a little bit. Next paint the whole thing black except the handle when that is dry dry brush the blade, handguard, and pomel silver. Do a second coat the blade wait for that to dry. Than warm up your glue gun and glue a strip of pleather or leather i just couldn't afford that around the handle. Than use the hot part on the glue gun and press on the wire through the pleather all the way around. Glue or cut any lose ends and your done!!!



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    Yeah it's one of my favorites. I am prob Guna make another one because the blade on this on is way to pointy.

    Ah, the Morgul blade of the Witch King of Angmar.

    Great build!

    Ah, the Morgul blade of the Witch King of Angmar.

    Great build!

    Looks very nice! At first glance I thought it was metal. :)

    1 reply