Introduction: How to Make the World's Best Paper Airplane

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This is THE best paper airplane ever. It glides smoothly, it's thrown easily, and it's super simple to make! Follow my step-by-step instructions and you'll be flying one in no time!


Step 1: You Will Need:

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~1 Sheet of plain (printer) paper, colored if you like.
~Colored pencils, markers, or crayons. (optional)
~A flat surface for folding, like a table.
If you like, you can use a folding tool to fold and make creases.

Step 2:

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Lay paper down as shown in first photo. Valley fold in half lengthwise. unfold. Valley fold the two upper corners down along the center crease as shown.

Step 3:

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Mountain fold in half widthwise as shown. Flip paper over.

Step 4:

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Valley fold upper corners down so that corner points meet where indicated in the photos. Valley fold small the small triangle below the corner points up as high as it will go to lock corner points in place. Rotate and flip paper over.

Step 5:

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Valley fold lower half of the paper up. Now meet the points as shown in the second photo. Repeat on the other side.
 Decorate if desired.

Step 6: Finished!

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Hooray! You have now finished your paper airplane. Below is the proper way to hold the plane when throwing it. Thrown properly, the plane should glide a few feet sinking slowly, and then touch the ground.



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