Water Proof Fire Starters


Introduction: Water Proof Fire Starters

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Step 1: Materials

Strike anywhere matches Paraffin wax Fluffy toilet tissue Scissors

Step 2: Making the Matches

Take the toilet paper and cut it into strips. Then roll a match in the paper so only the head of the match is showing. And before you do this, start melting the wax.

Step 3: Making Them Long-lasting and Waterproof

Now when your wax is melted, dip the rolled matches into the wax so the whole match is covered. Then set to the side and allow to cool. Now dip the head of the match into the wax again but only the head.

Step 4: Lighting

To light the matches, use your fingernail to scrape off the wax on the head of the match then strike. You get a huge flame and it will last around 7-10 minutes. Even try the waterproof part, dip the match into water and watch as it ignites. Good luck and be safe. Don't burn your house down :)



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