How to Make Waterproof Snow Gloves





Introduction: How to Make Waterproof Snow Gloves

In this Instructable im going to show you how to make extra warm waterproof snow gloves.
They will cost you only a few dollars (1$-3$) and you can make them in under 5-minutes.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
   2 Pairs of dollar store thin winter gloves
   2 Thin rubber lab gloves
   Extra rubber glove

Step 2: Step: 1

Ok this one is easy.  Put on one thin winter glove.

Step 3: Step: 2

Put lab glove over thin winter glove.

Step 4: Step: 3

Put on next glove

Step 5: Repeat

Repeat steps on next hand.

Step 6: Optional

You can use the scissors to cut out grip for glove and then glue it on.



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    9 Discussions

    That's GENIUS. I go on a ski trip every year, but I'm from the South, so I don't have waterproofed warm gloves, and my hands freeze everysingle year. Thank you for my fingers.

    totally worked, thanks so much. used it today for my kid, so hard to find gloves for little ones but this solved that.

    LOVE IT! I agree with trf, I would use the kitchen gloves. Still, Great idea.

    i like the idea but with 1 downfall..those medical gloves rip so easily >.< suggestion is get the thick rubber kitchen gloves and trip the sleeve part off them..much more durable =)

    2 replies

    I've used this trick a few times. Figured it out when I forgot my good gloves one day while teaching an Ice Rescue class. Use blue or purple Nitrile medical gloves - they're tougher, fit closer and usually have longer cuffs, which increases the waterproof area of protection.

    You get better grip of the snow when its like that.

    Now that's not a bad idea. I will have to try it.

    Ha ha I like it. Could have done with that this week. My hands got soaked.