Introduction: How to Make Websites - Complete Introduction to Web Development

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This video series is to introduce website development for beginners who don't know anything about making websites. This first episode introduces the software I use in my workflow to make websites to the best of my ability. This series assumes you don't know anything about web development, but if I go beyond what you understand, ask me a question and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

Step 1: How to Learn HTML Tags

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This episode introduces the use of HTML tags, which is the basic format that websites are written in.

Step 2: How to Learn CSS Tags

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This video explains how to use CSS for beginners to make your website look good. CSS gives a website a unique look and feel.

Step 3: How to Learn JavaScript & JQuery Tags

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This video explains how to use JavaScript and JQuery to give your website some interactivity.

Step 4: Introduction to Jekyll - Static Site Generator

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This video explains how to use the static site generator called Jekyll.

Step 5: Free Web Hosting With GitHub Pages

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This video explains how to use GitHub Pages to host your website for free. Fast hosting with a CDN if you have a static site that can be made with Jekyll.


Jedi9591 (author)2014-05-22

There is only pics, no vids

elsep2003 (author)Jedi95912014-05-22

I agree this post only shows images, but that may be because I'm viewing via the mobile app.

Media Unmasked (author)elsep20032014-05-23

Interesting. Thanks for the feedback, I'll put links under each section to the videos.

Media Unmasked (author)Jedi95912014-05-22

I've tried to see what you see, but I only see the videos that I embedded. What do you mean you only see pictures?

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