Step 5: Bake

Spoon 1-tablespoon mounds of batter onto cookie sheets. Bake until tops are puffed and cookies spring back when touched, 8-10 minutes. Transfer to a rack to cool completely.
<p>How many does it make??? Like the serving?? PLEASE REPLY ASAP!!</p>
Call me crazy but whoopie pies are pretty much unknown in the South. This is specifically a very proudly Yankee dessert! Seriously, it's the official state dessert of Maine. Even in Maryland - arguably in between - we only first saw whoopie pies about a year or so ago. Before that, this was strictly moon pie country. And the whoopie pie and moon pie cannot be confused: they are two completely different desserts.
Arn't These also called moon pies.<br /> (I'm from Ohio but vist SC every year fo vacation and see alot of these)
Hmm... the Moon Pies I've seen have a cookie that's almost like a graham cracker, and the whole thing is covered with chocolate.&nbsp; Whoopie pies are&nbsp; like two cakes with filling and no coating.<br />
&quot;Now run along, and spend your money on penny whistles and moon pies&quot;<br><br>&quot;Moon pie...moon pie....I'd like to moon pie her!&quot; ...
My understanding is that Moon Pie is the branded version of this recipe:<br /> http://www.moonpie.com/<br />
&nbsp;These look absolutely fantastic. I think I'll have to try this recipe out. :D
They are best when cooled for 15 minutes, filled and then eaten immediately! <br />
I like them best after they have chilled a bit in the fridge. Yum. Great ible and recipe. They are delicous. : )
Hello, I'm from Latvia (I doubt you know such a country) and I'll hardly find Marshmallow Fluff in our shops, can it be somehow substituted by any other product?&nbsp;
Of course I know Latvia! Can't say I have been there, but I do know where it is! I'm sure these would taste good with a homemade buttercream frosting stuffed in between the cookie layers.<br />
Ah, thanks for your quick reply! I'll try it right tomorrow ;)&nbsp;
&nbsp;I am making them now but I am use a peanut butter filling. I am original &nbsp;from Central PA and this just makes me think of home can't wait
Wonderful&nbsp;-&nbsp;I'm&nbsp;loving it very simple but delicate, I would call it American Macaroon&nbsp;
I am originally from Northeast Pa and we called these Whoopie Pies!&nbsp; If I remember correctly my mom said they were called that because when moms would bake them the kids would all yell, &quot;Whoopie!!&quot;&nbsp; LOL!!<br /> I have not had these for at least 20 years.&nbsp; I&nbsp;think I&nbsp;may just have to make some of these!!<br /> Thanks for sparking a great memory for me!!<br />
Great instructible!&nbsp; I'm from central PA originally, where these are called Gobs (name is from a store version that is horrible, dry and crumbly).&nbsp; Homemade gobs are outstanding!<br />
&nbsp;These look great, I can't wait to try them!
I used to have a neighbor who was a semi-professional cake maker, if I timed it right I could visit when she was trimming the tops off the freshly baked cakes. She always had tubs of various icing, Id make icing and cake sandwichs. I know its not the same but thats what these and moon pies always remind me of. <br /> <br /> &nbsp;You have some fantastic photos here and a nicely done &quot;ible&quot;
I bet those were some big pies! Also, thanks for the kind words.<br />
&nbsp;Nice picture&nbsp;quality, very impressive.&nbsp;&nbsp;
Instructable was not as advertised.<br />
Made these earlier, and they were really good.
Hahaha LOVE the title.<br />
In the spirit of the upcoming Valentine holiday of course.<br />

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