Introduction: How to Make Wireless Electricity Transmission Circuit - DIY (Step by Step)

Picture of How to Make Wireless Electricity Transmission Circuit - DIY (Step by Step)

Step By Step ( Even Soldering The Components ) Video On How To Make Simple Circuit Transfer Electricity Wirelessly . Its Amazing Project Also Its Very Chip And As Always Its Fun To Make . Anyone Is Welcome To Make Suggestions For Improvements. Good Luck With The Project!

Step 1: What You Will Need ?

Picture of What You Will Need ?

Components :
Transistor 2N2222A (NPN)

Resistor 1K Ohm

Copper Insulated Wire


Some Wires

Step 2: Circuit Diagram :

Picture of Circuit Diagram :

Step 3: How to Make It ?

Step 4: Contact Us & Support Me

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sina elec (author)2015-12-05

very good?

zhyar4kurd (author)sina elec2015-12-06

Thank You but whats that question mark for ?

LeoMartinsTSk8 (author)2015-12-01

Good :D

Thanks :)

nepcono (author)2015-11-28

Hi tried it but couldn't make it to go. I really dont know whats wrong

2n2222a, resistor (metal) 1K Ohm
copper wire from an old powersupply.

Does it needs 30 turns on the coil or can it be less.

zhyar4kurd (author)nepcono2015-11-28

It can be less not exactly 30 turns and make sure to strip insulation on the copper wire with sand paper

nepcono (author)zhyar4kurd2015-11-28

do I need to strip all insulation coating or only there where I have to solder.

zhyar4kurd (author)nepcono2015-11-28

only there that you have to solder

zhyar4kurd (author)nepcono2015-11-28

Also there is nothing wrong with your component try to watch the video carefully als i say it again make sur to strip the insulation coating on copper wire

nepcono (author)zhyar4kurd2015-11-28

do I have to strip all the insulation coating on the copper wire or only on the end points.

zhyar4kurd (author)nepcono2015-11-28

only on the ends

Jovino JoseL (author)2015-11-21

does it still work if i connect through a live wire?

zhyar4kurd (author)Jovino JoseL2015-11-22

to be honest I didn't understand ??

ArgieP (author)2015-11-11

Hi, nice project, how thin the wire must be? Or it doesn't matter?

Thanks in advance.

zhyar4kurd (author)ArgieP2015-11-11

It Really Doesn't Matter , I Got Mine From Transformer Of Old CFL Light Bulb Circuit . Thank You For Your Comment

ArgieP (author)zhyar4kurd2015-11-12


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