in this instructible im going to show you how to make swords that are good for cosplaying or display i'm not much of a big talker so lets get right into it

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Materials that you will need are as follows:
Twine (preferably the coloured type)
Wood (i use pine)
Acrylic paints of your choosing

Tools you will need:
Saw (use whatever you feel comfertable with, just remember you need to be able to cut a straight line.)
Scroll saw if you want curves
Paint brushes (do these even count as tools?)
Hot glue gun
Power sander
Ohh sorry
Next can you make a wooden gun?
Next can you make a wooden gun?
Next can you make a wooden gun?
Super job
A good hard wood I've heard you could use is hickory
take an old white cande and rub it over the twine. Then sitck it in the fire after 3 coats. Then it will have an authentic feel. <br> <br>I did this with a custom harry potter wand.
Not bad atall. <br> Suggestions. For the grip do it as a whipping, in cord or wire. Copper wire from old motors or transformer/chargers looks great. You can also cover the blade in foil to make it look like steel. Check out Gutenberg or the Internet Archive for how tos. The Boy Mechanic vol.1 has an entire section devoted to imitation arms and armour.
Display only *sigh*
unless you want to put some serious dents in your hard work... <br>then again i'm sure there is some kind of hard wood that is perfect for this
Sorry, a sword you can't use is like a 4x4 that never sees mud-both make me laugh from sadness : (
nice project and very good &quot;ible&quot; I did an &quot;ible&quot; on making knives out of oak flooring and have been thinking about making a sword to go with them but haven't located the right piece of wood yet

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