Step 1:

Clear any stuff close to your house

Step 2:

It will look like this

Step 3:

Full any empty spaces close by

Step 4:

It will look like this

Step 5:

Put a fence gate 4 blocks away from your door or how much blocks u want

Step 6:

Clear the area around your house 1 block down making a square

Step 7:

Fill it up with sand

Step 8:

Put captures 1 block away from each other all around your house

Step 9:

Put fences on top of the captures ( this keeps the mobs from coming in and it kills them )

Step 10:

FINISHED hope u liked it
That really worked!
Cool idea!
Sorry u can decorate the house any way u want
I can decorate the outside of your house

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Bio: Love minecraft
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