Firstly, Download a free programme called Ccleaner, what it does it deletes all your cookies, history on your computer, So make sure any websites you want you add to favourites.

In this Picture i have deleted over  200mb, once i got over 2.5gb deleted. thats alot of memory for my laptop.

Step 1: Empty the recycle bin

Make sure you empty your recycle bin as it may have big files in there you dont want.
<p>in total I deleted about one and a quarter Giga bytes. my computer was full of crap I didn't need.</p>
<p>I deleted over 1GB just by emptying my recycling bin</p>
If you don't want to worry about this just run Linux! ;)
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If running windows, there are tonnes of tmp files just hidden,<br>also if you don't delete them, they are called &quot;system&quot; files and just<br>clog up your drive.<br><br>Defragmenting your drive works as well after deleting temp files.<br><br>I could go on, but to truly make your computer faster, you have to care for it.
If you want to find a more expanded version, I've been working on my guide for a few years, and it's at it's final release. This is much more in depth, take a look: http://www.instructables.com/id/Several-Easy-Steps-to-Boost-Your-Computers-Speed/
Actually, at this point the most significant improvement to performance you can make is to upgrade to SSD drives.
This program has been covered here many times...<br> <br> Don't forget, after uninstalling any unused programs to run CCleaner again. Also run the registry cleaner in CCleaner. I am a computer repair/network engineer. I use this on almost every computer I get in front of. Cleaning the registry is the best thing you can do to speed up your computer. Most bang for the buck type of thing.<br> <br> If you have deeper issues, the best paid app I have found is System Mechanic Pro. You can catch it on sale occasionally&nbsp;for $39.95 . If you dig on the iolo.com website, you can find a 30 day demo.&nbsp;<br> <br> Remember if you like it to purchase it. It will also help keep some of the new spyware/malware off your computer.

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