How To Make Your Own Organic, Only Fruit Popsicles!!!

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Yum!!! Only fruit Popsicles!!!

Step 1: Supplies

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You only need a blender, your choice of fruit, a Popsicle molder, Knife to cut the cherry away from the seed to blend, apple slicer to cut the apple  into pieces do not use the seeds or stem in the blender.
thanrose2 years ago
Frozen fruit purees often need more sweetening than the same fruit as a room temp puree or out of hand. YMMV. A Granny Smith apple pop might taste too tart for instance.
If tart is not to your liking, try adding honey or maple syrup. Somewhat insipid fruits like mulberries might benefit from a tiny bit of lemon or tart apple to give a fuller taste. Sometimes spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper of any kind, or spice blends like curry and five spice can add a subtle zing. Lemon also slows the browning of some fruits if it bothers you.
One of the best plain fruit freezes that I like is watermelon. My elderly father (93 yo) loves peaches, but won't eat my plain peach pops because he thinks they aren't sweet enough. Or maybe it's the habanero?
aunt margie2 years ago
has anyone tried this with any fruit that didn't end up well? Since it is so simple, it seems to me that lots of people must have tried it.
rob.shields2 years ago
didn't know it was so easy! just bought my popsicle molds so I can try. any chance you can post your recipes/ratios? I see one mix as cherry/apple/melon, but the last pick has three clearly different blends. Thanks!
Renee!2 years ago
Looks delicious!
Dowaine2 years ago
you could put jello in to make it taste better

PS (but then it wouldn't be organic)
gomibakou2 years ago
Try to mix them with yogurt... or some cream :D
Very smart idea! Definitely going to need to do this now that I've got a fancy blender in the test kitchen. :D