You may have only recently begun to play golf or you may already be life long fan of the game.  

Regardless of your experience, if you are hooked like I am, you already know that golf clubs can be pretty expensive.  Of course, being the techie that I am, I drool over the latest and greatest clubs. Unfortunately, the best clubs are hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a set of irons. Sure, you can buy used but youll can still shell out $500 for a used set of Callaway or Taylormade irons that may or may not suit you. So, after quite a bit of research and shopping on eBay, Ive built a high-end set of irons made specifically for me for about the same price as a cheap Walmart set. You can buy all the components from one place like GolfWorks or Golfsmith, or shop around on eBay.  In the end you'll have a set of custom clubs that you'll be happy to talk about and use as the reason for your great (or poor) performance on the course.  

Now take all the money you saved and take some lessons!  You'll be glad you did and will enjoy the game a whole lot more.  

Step 1: What You Need

There are lots of books and online resources which tell you which type of irons, shafts and grips are best for you so I wont get into it here. Everyone is different but chances are you are not as good as you think you are so don't buy super stiff shafts or tiny blades unless you can already hit them!  If you are a high handicapper (15+) or don't even know what a handicap is, you will definitely want to buy "game improvement" iron heads with a fairly large cavity.  

Youll need:
  • 8 shafts (graphite or steel, your choice). 8 will make you a 4-SW set. (no one uses a  3-iron anymore).   Make sure your shaft tip size matches the type of heads youll be using (i.e. .370 shafts for .370 hosel bore on the heads).
  • Club heads. I'll focus on irons, but most of the steps in this instructable also apply to woods and hybrids. You can spend anywhere from a few dollars a head to a few hundred, so you might want to start off cheap before going to an expensive set.  I've found great sets of heads on eBay for a fraction of their retail value.  
In no particular order, you will also need:
  • - Rubber shaft holder and bench vise
  • - Ferrules (these are the black decorative trip pieces that hide the transition from the head to the shaft)
  • - Grips. Go to your nearest big golf store and try some out, there are hundreds to choose from
  • - Grip tape and solvent.  It is available in either a spray can or liquid, I prefer the spray
  • - Tubing cutter for steel shafts or hacksaw with a fine blade for graphite shafts
  • - Dremel or other rotary tool with sanding drum
  • - Shafting Epoxy
  • - Masking tape, small wooden stick, paper towels, sharpie marker
  • - Old Tshirts or rags
  • - The GolfWorks catalog (www.golfworks.com)
Very interesting Instructable, being a golf nut as well, I find this very interesting and will likely give it a try. You might want to check out my Instructable on making tapered vice jaws, they would work great on the tapered shafts for golf clubs. Thanks for submitting.

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