Picture of How To Make Your Own Sugru Substitute
I call it Oogoo, an inexpensive silicone clay that is easily made. It can be used as an excellent substitute for Sugru. It can be hand molded or cast in forms. Or, it can be used as a casting silicone. It can be colored any color from white to black. It can also be made translucent to allow diffused light to shine through. It can even be painted on in thin layers. It has very good adhesive qualities and will stick to itself, glass, fabric, paper, wood, and some plastics and metals.

This instructable will show :

1- How to mix and color Oogoo

2- How to cast it or hand form it into different shapes.

3- How to make silicone paint

4- Several interesting uses for Gorilla tape and Gorilla Glue, see steps 3, 7, 12 and 15.

5- How to make a few projects using Sugru and a comparison of Oogoo and Sugru

Since I am mainly interested in using Oogoo to embed electronic circuits in flexible forms, this instructable will also show you how to:

1- Make a soft circuit LED pumpkin head robot display that can be embedded on to clothing.

2- Make cleanly etched conductive fabric circuits

3- Make conductive glue using Gorilla glue.

4- Embed circuits in Oogoo or Sugru

The intro pic shows a few of the silicone shapes that I made using Oogoo and a funky, smirky, flexible pumpkin head robot LED display.

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MikeyB318 days ago

Do you think adding epoxy to the mix would help it to be more rigid when it cures? It would be cool to be able to vary that based on how much you mix in.

dsnell12 months ago
Is oogoo safe to use with foods? I.e. If you made a spatula or as the lid to a jar similar to the one you made. Also is it safe if a child got its hands on it and put it in their mouth?
mikey77 (author)  dsnell12 months ago

As I have said several times before, Oogoo is not food safe. So, you can add it to the list of things people, and especially children, should not put in their mouth.

If you want food safe silicone, you could try sorta-clear 40 silicone which is available from Smooth-On.

ahecht mikey7729 days ago
If I'm using pure silicone aquarium sealant (which says that it is food/pet safe when fully cured) and food-grade corn starch, is there any reason that the final product wouldn't be food safe?
mikey77 (author)  ahecht28 days ago

Most likely, it would be food safe, but the only way to know for sure would be to run some tests.

One test you could try would be to do a test with the minimum of corn starch. Mix a batch of 3 or 4 to 1 of silicone to corn starch by volume. After it has cured, bury it in moist dirt for a week or two. look at it under a microscope for any signs of discoloration or mold. I have done this test with regular silicone caulk and found no evidence of mold after several weeks.

In my experiments most of the corn starch is internally embedded with very little on the surface of the cured Oogoo. You could try boiling the set up Oogoo in boiling water for ten minutes to dissolve any surface corn starch that could feed mold or bacteria.

That said, I would suspect aquarium sealant, if it smells like vinegar while curing, would be quite safe for storage of dry materials like coffee or powdered milk.

Hot liquid foods and moist foods might require further testing.

wolvmarine made it!1 month ago

Oogoo catalyzed by corn starch vs soapy water bath? The latter being the less messy and easier method is now gingerly haning off my laptop as I type. I have been following the oogoo process for awhile now and happen to come across the soap/water bath rendering and decided to make the water immersion version since it a more "pure" rendering. I've taken a few photos and I'll update with the cured form as well.

Shikamon3 months ago

Hey there! I tried making Oogoo just recently and it worked great but I was wondering about something. Is there a way to make Oogoo bond to surfaces by itself like Sugru could? Also, if I use less corn starch, would that help make the surface more repellent to sweat? I'm planning on making a mouse grip and would love to make this workout! Thanks and great instructable! :D

mikey77 (author)  Shikamon3 months ago

As I mentioned in the instructable, Oogoo does not bond as well to some plastics as Sugru does. You can try putting a thin coating of superglue or a thin coating of pure silicone caulk on the surface. Let it set up overnight and then apply the Oogoo.

If that does not work you can try for a mechanical connection. Use whatever glue will work on your surface to glue fabric or thin plastic mesh onto the surface. Once dry you can add the Oogoo.

I have not had any trouble with sweat on Oogoo. Clean it occasionally with soapy water and it should work fine.

not sure if this will help but there are mould release agents used in the composites industry which for some reason seem to have the opposite effect on silicon,the only reason I could come up with was that the release agents have some sort of silicon base and those guys spent a lot of money finding ways of getting it to stick to composite moulds.

I think it was called frekote

Shikamon mikey773 months ago

Ok Mikey! I'll try putting some silicone caulk on my mouse then. Should have thought of that before. xD Thanks again and have a happy new year! :D

Ironwave3 months ago
Thanks for this.
It is posibly the second handiest thing I have ever encountered.

And what is the handiest thing that you have ever encountered??

Very cool. :-)
Tyleriz1 month ago
mgandm52 months ago

Hey I just wanted to check for permission to use your ible (not exactly). My friend and I came up with the best idea for a contest entry ever, but we want to use sugru. We can't really buy the stuff because it is pretty steep. So I was gonna use your recipe. HOWEVER, I wasn't thinking about just copying you, I'm just gonna direct my readers to your ible. If it all sounds good to you thank you so very much. If not, I tried.

P.s. Think of it as listing a resource.

mikey77 (author)  mgandm52 months ago

Oogoo is an open source material that is available to use in anyway that people find useful.

If you have a new use for Oogoo that people will find useful and are willing to share the information, I am totally for it.

If you mention a link to the Oogoo ible, that would be nice.

Go for it.

SixFootBlue2 months ago

Would molds made with this be safe for oven baking/boiling polymer clays in? I successfully created some molds with this the other night, and was considering using fimo as a casting material, just it needs to be baked at around 120C. I would like to do so without separating the clay from the mold first and risking warping it. Just I'd have to use our family oven where which we use to cook food in. Would it be safe to oven bake the clay while it's still in the silicone mold?

(Also, fantastic tutorial, and glad you explained some of the chemistry behind it. I'll definitely run out and buy more silicone when I get the chance.)

mikey77 (author)  SixFootBlue2 months ago

Oogoo will handle the temperatures required for baking or boiling polymer clays.

I would not recommend using your family oven to do this. Many silicones contain anti-fungal additives that could leave harmful residues in your oven.

An inexpensive toaster oven would be the way to go.

Hmm, alright. Though if the tube doesn't have any indication that it contains anti-fungal additives, would you deem it safe or no?

I was looking over the different silicone varieties available when buying them, and found that certain tubes (Mainly the kitchen and bath) ones indicated that anti-fungal additives were in the silicone, while the all-purpose one I purchased had no such indication. The tube also states on the back that it is not for surfaces that exceed 205C, which is almost 100 degrees higher than the polymer clay baking temperature I require. (I'm using the GE All Purpose Silicone I) Could I trust the tube, or would it be best to contact the manufacturer. Or just avoid using it in the family oven altogether?

mikey77 (author)  SixFootBlue2 months ago

No one on earth knows whether it is safe or not.

So why take the chance?

A toaster oven can be found at a yard sale for $10 to $20.

A new one is $30 to $40.

That is what I would try.

hilarie752 months ago

I inspired to try making your Oogoo thanks for sharing your efforts!

Have you tried mixing powder pigments (like Jacquard or Rit dye for fibers) with the cornstarch?

mikey77 (author)  hilarie752 months ago

Most powdered pigments will work with Oogoo.

Theo212 months ago

Hello - Any ideas on how to make a batch that is reusable but still cures to mold? Would like to be able to reuse if possible. Thanks.

mikey77 (author)  Theo212 months ago

Silicone and Oogoo are almost impossible to dissolve without industrial strength chemicals. You can, however chop up old Oogoo and mix it with fresh Oogoo to recycle the stuff.

Novelchip has done an excellent instructable on how to do this:

mikey77 (author)  mikey772 months ago

Here is the link:

cusco192 months ago

how long does it take to completely dry up and harden? which brand of 100% silicon gaulk have you guys had very good success with? i wasn't able to find those in home depot or lowes. :(

any suggestions would be great! i'm trying to make some replacement grips. thanks.

WarrenF25 months ago

Hi, i see this is a old post so hope someone is still out there. Mixed oil paint with cheap white silicon but it seem to not be drying/curing? Any ideas what is going wrong here?

more corn starch?

Try using a paint that is not oil based, I think the oil is the problem.

Davlof3 months ago
Awesome, thank you!
Mr AbAk3 months ago
Nice Idea
Thanks for sharing!!
LydiaP4 months ago

Thank you for the instructuble. When you say "metals that melt at low temperatures can be cast", what is the highest temperature you think it could handle?

mikey77 (author)  LydiaP4 months ago

I have only tried it with bismuth which melts at about 520 degrees F.

Metal alloys that melt at that temperature or less should work with Oogoo.

If your are an adventurous experimenter, you could try adding fine sand or red iron oxide to increase the temperature of metal castable Oogoo.

tkjtkj mikey773 months ago

Just a cautionary note: bismuth, one of the 'heavy metals' that include mercury, arsenic, lead, can be quite toxic ... Vapors from heating could be especially dangerous so please take precautions.. SERIOUS precautions .. Here is a rather comprehensive ref article:,_Often_Mild,_Can_Result_in_Severe.12.aspx

Snellingkorey3 months ago

Great idea with lots of possibilities

wolvmarine3 months ago

I was wondering if you ever experimented with using a ziplock bag to mix it up and once mixed thoroughly cutting a corner out of the bag and dispensing it like homemade frosting onto the project at hand? Also leaving it in the ziplock bag and molding around obtuse/shallow shapes?

andy.knote4 months ago

Excellent Instructable. Many many possibilities- Nice Work!

Pamela SpiroW4 months ago

Batik dye is water soluble and makes really incredible colors in corn starch paint (dye and water and cornstarch). I haven't yet tried this incredible instructable although I plan to tomorrow when I can purchase some silicone caulk-- but I wanted to offer this alternative to oil paints for coloring oogoo, in case it would work better. Thanks so much for these very clear instructions. Very exciting and a terrific idea!

SparkySolar4 months ago
Wicked cool
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