Step 10: Making Silicone Paint

Picture of Making Silicone Paint
Pic13 shows the final robot pumpkin head with LEDs all on. I used it to experiment with different mixes of silicone paint.

This is not a new idea, but silicone paint is easily made. Simply add naphtha or mineral spirits (paint thinner) and oil paint to the silicone caulk until you get the consistency of paint you want. The only problem with the paint is that it dries much weaker than silicone caulk alone or Oogoo. It has lower adhesion and lower tear strength. Even so, it is useful for some things.

I like a 1 corn starch to 3 mineral spirits (or Naphtha) to 3 silicone caulk for a translucent white gel-like paint. For a paint that is thinner and closer to an oil paint thickness you can use a 1 cornstarch to 4 mineral spirits to 2 silicone caulk. The more solvent you add, the weaker the final strength and adhesion will be.

You can also use acetone, xylene, or toluene but they all have nasty fumes and take several days to dissipate in thicker applications. The Naphtha has the advantage that it evaporates fast and loses most of its smell overnight.

Solvents that give off less noxious fumes and can be used to thin Oogoo and Oogoo II are turpentine and Citrus Solvent. Their only problem is that they can take several days to evaporate in a thicker cast of silicone rubber. For paint thicknesses they work fine but set up pretty slow.
WarrenF29 months ago

Hi, i see this is a old post so hope someone is still out there. Mixed oil paint with cheap white silicon but it seem to not be drying/curing? Any ideas what is going wrong here?

By the way, limonene (the major component in orange peel oil) IS in fact hazardous too, so while it's "less noxious" it's still not "non-noxious" and you definitely should be somewhere well-ventilated when using citrus-based solvents. Natural does not equal safe.
foobear4 years ago
Can acrylic paint be used instead of oil paint?
Despite what lando27 said, I just successfully mixed some up using a little bit of green water based acrylic paint that I had laying around. Seems to be curing just fine (its been about an hour). The paint is Craft Smart brand and the silicone is Walmart's cheapest. It seemed to mix in just fine, but It may have made it harder to stir as it thickened pretty quick.
lando27 foobear4 years ago
No, has to be oil. You can use small amounts of acrylic paint to color polyester resin tho.