Step 13: The Robot Pumpkin Head Circuit

Picture of The Robot Pumpkin Head Circuit
The LEDs are flashed in sequences using a 08m Picaxe microcontroller. See pic19. The resistance of the conductive glue joints is high enough that no dropping resistors are necessary. In order to keep the leads to a minimum, Charliplexing is used to control the six LEDs individually. This is a simple way to use 3 wires to control 6 LEDs.

I will try an post a video of the flashing pumpkin head LEDs and code when I get more time.

For details on Charliplexing see:

I did not have time to make an embedded control circuit, so it was just breadboarded. See pic20.

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malti21044 years ago
thank you for the info excellent work
is there someway u can extrude this
Junklover4 years ago
Thank you for posting your recipe. I have worked with silicone sealant for years as a moulding material and your modification is brilliant.