Introduction: How to Make Your Own Themes on Your Phone

I got really annoyed with gettting rubbish theme on my phone so I found a Theme Creater. (Sorry this is only for phone who have new sony ericsson phone's.)

Step 1: Get the Program!

Click this link to get the program you need to create themes

Step 2: Make Your Theme

When you've installed it and opened it, select your phone. You can use any image but where it says a number (eg. 176 x 176) you need to make the image that size. I use paint to change the image size. What you do is open paint, go to the image tab then select attributes . Then make sure the units are in pixels and type in the numbers (eg. 176 and 26)


YeeB made it!(author)2016-05-22

got window 10 version one ?

aagathangelou made it!(author)2009-06-30

what program do i use to open it????

crazyinmetal made it!(author)2008-11-04

Do you you know if a nokia theme creator does exist???
i was looking so many days an couldn't find a thing..
thanks in advance=]

Knucklehead made it!(author)2007-12-11

There is a linux & a mac version too here.

eight made it!(author)2007-09-28

New version is out...

Themes Creator 3.19 - Windows XP
(5,20 MB)
September 27, 2007
Windows XP
Not sure about Vista...

killerjackalope made it!(author)2007-09-12

thankyou very much I've been looking for the program as I have the W880i whcih is a pretty phone but the themes are ugly IMO

The_pyrogeek made it!(author)2007-09-09

Cool, nice job

taka21 made it!(author)2007-08-17

lol ok nice i think i dont know great job yehey first to comment besides the maker

King01 made it!(author)2007-08-12

Please Can You Comment On My Tutorial