I'm relatively new to instructables. This is my second instructable. I hope you like it!

This is a very simple method for getting great looking photos in seconds with photoshop using a blending mode called "overlay". Below you will see the before and after pictures. Alright, let's get started.

NOTE: If you already know your way around photoshop this is a simple method:
duplicate your image layer
set the new layer's blending mode to overlay
play around with the opacity.

Step 1: Open 'Er Up

The first thing you need to do is open up your images in Photoshop. I'll give you a quick breakdown of the menu we will be using (the layers palette).

The first thing to notice is the pull-down menus. There are many blend mode options (picture 3). We are going to use overlay. If you want a run down on all of the options check out:

Then we have two spaces to enter a value for opacity (0-100) and fill (0-100). Changing the opacity changes the amount we can see of the layers below.

<p>This is amazing tutorial. Great job buddy!</p>
<p>Don't listen to GusM down below bro, just because it was super simple doesn't mean it was brainless. I'm about to start school for Graphic Design and little tips like this are gonna go a long way. Like d1ndian said, &quot;hi5&quot;! :)</p>
Thank you SO very much! I used to use PhotoShop just for drawing but now I can actually spruce up my pictures as well. lol. Easy way to make my deployment photos more awesome
awesome tutorial, hi5

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