This is my guide on how to create an Eco-Friendly Pencil Case that is 100% made of recycled items, and these materials are accessible to almost everyone. You will not have to buy anything... This is a great craft to make and can be reused over and over again. Teachers can use this to create a simple item that all his/her students can use.

Required: Tape and Scissors

A simple plastic water bottle

Step 1: Step 1

First get a empty and dry water bottle from your recycling bin, or other place in your home. 
Make sure you wipe it clean and that the cap is still there. Also make sure there is enough space inside the water bottle so that there will be enough space to put in the pencils and other school supplies!

Step 2: Step 2

Cut the top of the water bottle off. 
Save the top for later! You will need it to make the top of the pencil case.
You can keep the label on the water bottle if you want for decoration, or get a piece of paper, cut it, draw a design on it, laminate it, and then tape it onto the water bottle! 

Step 3: Step 2.5

STEP 2.5:
Please put in a few pencils and stationary supplies to see if they fit in your water bottle!
All of my mechanical pencils, color pencils, high-liters, pens, and graphite based pencils all fit inside the case.

Step 4: Step 3 & 4

Tape the top so one small side is still attached onto the main body of the bottle. 

There you go! You have a Eco-Friendly Water Bottle Pencil Case! 

Step 5: Thanks for Viewing This Instructable

Thanks for viewing this instructable! 
Please share it and make some for your kids, classmates, students, or self.
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<p>nice work you know art attack needs to know how to make that but you know it instead! anyway nice work . I love ECO friendly stuff SO GOOD JOB IN SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT!</p>
<p>nice work you know art attack needs to know how to make that but you know it instead! anyway nice work . I love ECO friendly stuff</p>
If you ever make one, please share it!<br>You'll get a pat on the back!
Yes! Finally Finished! Please vote for it in both of the categories!

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