How to Make a Batman Costume (eva Foam Armor)


Introduction: How to Make a Batman Costume (eva Foam Armor)

This video is how I make my own batman suit for the 1st time. The build took about a week to make it all. The all around cost for it was about $70



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    1 reply

    I thought your costume was cool

    This is my Costume Thank u men

    15, 10:12 PM.jpg

    Wow nice job U inspired me to build my own batman costume

    *low growly voice* i'm impressed at how easily i'll have such a cool batman costume.

    It would be cool to make a batman arkham origins cowl


    this costume is totally awesome! I want to make my own but I also want to know where you got the cowl. Did you buy it or make it yourself? Also thank you for the inspiration!

    notice that batman in arkham origins has triangular slits in his mask, you may want to add this feature

    I am making one two but it somewhat turned out funky so I might just do arkham city but now that I think about it I will give it another shot and show ya'll

    Sorry it would not load for some reason. Anyway take a look.

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    LOVE IT!
    Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? made out of card boards and tape lol Vote if you like show some love in return :-)

    Not only did I read it, I also watched the video and you did a really great job! My son is Nightwing and my daughter is Poison Ivy this year for Halloween. You would all look great as a trick or treat trio while people admire all your costumes. Here is a pic. I hope to have enough time to do an Instructable for their costumes. Anyway this ones for you...