Introduction: How to Make a Blinking Santa Hat

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This instructable shows you how to create a Santa hat with a blinking light on top
I had built this for a Christmas dance at my school.

Step 1: Parts

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1. Santa hat w/ cotton ball cut off
2. cheap toy with blinking light (or build your own circuit)
3. toy capsule (the kind found in vending machines)
4. hot glue
5. utility knife

Step 2: Disassembly

Picture of Disassembly

1. Cut off Santa hat top

2. Remove blinking circuit from toy (or build your own)

my toy came apart with 5 screws (no torx)! THANK GOD FOR POOR PRODUCT SECURITY!!!

Step 3: Final Assembly

Picture of Final Assembly

Insert light circuit into top of capsule
Glue bottom of capsule to Santa hat
Attach (don't glue) capsule bottom to top


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