How to Make a Boomerang





Introduction: How to Make a Boomerang

Make an amazing boomerang that works great. Very easy to make and extremely fun to use. For outdoor use only. Test results included at the end.


Step 1: Materials Needed

Begin by getting two paint sticks or two pieces of flat wood. Wooden rulers will do. but you will have to add groves.

Step 2: Rounding Corners

Now get yourself a file and round each corner of the wood. The part is suggested but isn't mandatory. If you don't have a file. Don't worry about it.

Step 3: Putting It Together

Now take the two pieces of wood and place them in a cross like angle and add rubber bands to the the center.

Step 4: How It Should Look.

When your done adding the rubber bands. The boomerang should look something like this.

Step 5: How to Throw It

To throw it, hold the boomerang with 1-3 fingers (What ever suits you) and throw at a vertical angle.

(Experiment with different angles, speeds, and directions for different flight patterns.)

Step 6: Now Go Test It Out

Your now done and ready to use the boomerang. Go outside and have a blast.

Watch the video to see the test results.



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    wow this is so cool it really flies! just don't do it in the house unless you have a big room with nothing in it.

    I made it and it is so cool

    No matter how many times I told people how to throw boomerangs a lot would still throw them the wrong way. Till I started to tell them to throw it like a knife or tomahawk. Spin is very important. Generally the more spin you put on it the better. You also want the top side facing towards you. You want the wind to blow on the cheek on the opposite side of your throwing arm. Adjusting your angle to wind will adjust the return point of the bomerang.

    how do you know so much bout boomerangs

    Well, in the olden times, the ancestors spoke of a heroic, boomerang-savvy instructabler. At the time, it made absolutely no sense. But now it all makes sense.

    can i use Popsicle sticks? than to a wooden ruler

    I saw this video on Youtube before I searched it on Instructables, now I'm going to Lowes to get some paint sticks as soon as I can.