Make an amazing boomerang that works great. Very easy to make and extremely fun to use. For outdoor use only. Test results included at the end.


Step 1: Materials Needed

Begin by getting two paint sticks or two pieces of flat wood. Wooden rulers will do. but you will have to add groves.

Step 2: Rounding Corners

Now get yourself a file and round each corner of the wood. The part is suggested but isn't mandatory. If you don't have a file. Don't worry about it.

Step 3: Putting It Together

Now take the two pieces of wood and place them in a cross like angle and add rubber bands to the the center.

Step 4: How It Should Look.

When your done adding the rubber bands. The boomerang should look something like this.

Step 5: How to Throw It

To throw it, hold the boomerang with 1-3 fingers (What ever suits you) and throw at a vertical angle.

(Experiment with different angles, speeds, and directions for different flight patterns.)

Step 6: Now Go Test It Out

Your now done and ready to use the boomerang. Go outside and have a blast.

Watch the video to see the test results.

<p>what if u don't have paint sticks</p>
<p>wow this is so cool it really flies! just don't do it in the house unless you have a big room with nothing in it.</p>
<p>I made it and it is so cool</p>
No matter how many times I told people how to throw boomerangs a lot would still throw them the wrong way. Till I started to tell them to throw it like a knife or tomahawk. Spin is very important. Generally the more spin you put on it the better. You also want the top side facing towards you. You want the wind to blow on the cheek on the opposite side of your throwing arm. Adjusting your angle to wind will adjust the return point of the bomerang.
how do you know so much bout boomerangs
Well, in the olden times, the ancestors spoke of a heroic, boomerang-savvy instructabler. At the time, it made absolutely no sense. But now it all makes sense.
can i use Popsicle sticks? than to a wooden ruler<br>
I saw this video on Youtube before I searched it on Instructables, now I'm going to Lowes to get some paint sticks as soon as I can.
check out this guide too. It really good. i get them returning to me from this <a href="http://www.australiasouvenir.com/pages/How-to-throw-a-boomerang.html">how to throw a boomerang guide</a><br>
Probabely the best angle to throw a boomerang is at 45 degrees to the right of the wind direction and try to put as much spin on it as possible as BoomGuy said :)
i need help.why isnt it coming back is this why cause i am using wooden rulers. help?
I said that if you use wooden rulers, then you need to add grooves.
wat r grooves?
i think grooves are wen you make the corners round. I dont know im just guessing<br />
it might be because the rulers are too heavy, and if you didn't round the corners it won't have correct aerodynamics. If they are too heavy, gravity pulls down on the object before it can come back to the thrower.
actually i used 2 rulers i found and they worked fine when i threw it right
Aboriginal boomerangs have been thrown around for at least 10,000 years, and constitute a quintessential Australian icon. Many boomerangs, and also the near-cylindrical throwing sticks, have longitudinal grooves or flutes carved into them. The grooves are about five millimetres wide by 0.2 millimetres deep, and occur only on the upper, more highly curved surface of boomerangs but all the way round the circumference of throwing sticks. Previously these grooves were thought to be purely decorative or of ceremonial significance. But new research by civil engineer Ray Nelson (University of New South Wales) has shown they are more than just decoration-they enhance flight performance. tat's wat grooves mean..lol should've googled it XD
When i was kid after thrw it i run coz scare to catch it XD
Same here but with baseballs :D Actually yesterday i wuz using this boomerang and it came back and it wuz heading toward my face so i started to run but then it hit me in the neck wen i turned around...... wow im pathetic.... Then 5 minutes later it got stuck in a tree and its still there. ive been trying to get it out with my bow and arrow
I just got a file on instructables last month but i thought id tell you that last summer i made this and it wuz so much fun using it but it kept klanding on my roof or tree across the street frum my house which is lik 40 feet high so it wuz hard to get that out eventually it wuz winter i needed rulers for school etc. but its sunny out now so il be makin it again soon<br />
Can you use 7.5" wooden coffee stirrers?
my boomerang flies, but after turning it just falls down. does it need more speed?
paddle pop sticks also work
paddle pop sticks didn't work for me as a boomerang but a shuriken
what do you mean by paint sticks?
awsome! i gotta try it....i only have one paint stick atm...*some one* broke the other.<br/>
it wouldn't work for me
This was the most ingenious invention i've read so far! keep up the good work! I look forewards reading even more amazing things. Thank you!
sorry man but this one is the last one .you said to add groves.did you mean that instead of using rubberbands i will have to add groves.reply me last time.
Nah, man. Its really hard to explain. Can't you jus get paint sticks?
can i use rulers?
I'm not sure string would hold up. You can glue them together. When I make boomerangs out of paintsticks I put them down mark where they overlap. then I take out wood on both sticks in the overlapping region and glue them together there. Sort of a lap joint.
square lash it
From the time im 9Years old, during the summer, when the school end, i build those. i build around 100, and when the school start, i sell them five follars each. Rly cheap to build (you go to RONA or what ever, you ask for 200 paint stick for a project, and they gave them to you for free!) and you buy a bag of 250 elastic for 1$ at dolorama!
Haha, now thats hustling.
no, that's awesome!
no, that's <em>thinking. </em><br/>
It works but it looks weird
nice 5/5 10/10 grate inscrutable it looks like it works heps good
awesome man 2 thumbs
NICE I used rolled up paper coz I dint have any wood so yeah it works awesome and its more aerodynamic
Nice Instructable Razor606. Boomerangs are fun. <sup></sup><br/><br/>BTW, Boomerangs=dangerous. wood=dangerous. danger=dangerous. I have given many a bruise by accident with these, and maybe a few on purpose &gt;;D<br/>but thanks dude!ur Fawsome!<br/>
Awesome. It seems to work like a charm.
awesome. can't believe nobodt thought of this before.
When I make boomerangs out of paintsticks, I cut off the handles first.<br/><br/>The thing to remember about boomerangs is that they have a top and a bottom.<br/>If you put the boomerang on a table then each blade should look like an aircraft wing. The leading edge of the wing should be pointing in the direction the boomerang is spinning. <br/><br/>Paint sticks generally are warped so you get the same effect <strong>if you put the sticks concave side down</strong>.For flat wood, you need to carve/file/sand the &quot;wing shape&quot; into the wood. For painsticks it helps if you enhance the wing shape too, instead of relying on the natural curvature.<br/>
yeah my cousin-in law has been making these for 20 years. and they are maybe of hardwood for higher weight and winds. and soft wood for low winds and beginners but his are the three stick kind and held with a wing nut.

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