How To Make a Braided Bracelet Using Hemp Cord

Picture of How To Make a Braided Bracelet Using Hemp Cord
Hello, everybody who bothered to click on this link!
I apologize if I went missing for a while, I was lurking the Archives of FF and Instructables. But, I'm here now, and ready to redeem myself from the dreadful guideline that was my last instructable. Please, try to forgive me.
Anyway, here it is!
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Natural Hemp cord (I used 20%, 100 gr, whatever that means... just kidding, I know what that means, sort of)

Small beads of any color

Opt. Small charm

The beads mentioned here can be combined on the braid in all manner of ways. I took pictures of the few I made.

Step 2: First Section

Picture of First Section
First, take your cord and cut three lines of it, all the same length and long enough to wrap around your wrist at least once. After you have three pieces of cord, fold about a three-inch piece over, and knot a loop. If you don't know how to do this, I put about a zillion and five pictures of the loop on this instructable. After you have a loop, find something to pin your loop and string to, or just hold it in between your teeth, like I did, and braid until your anywhere from three to five inches in, then, you can start adding beads.

Step 3: Beware...

Picture of Beware...
Be careful when your just pulling cord, because if you decide that you want to use a knot and loop for your ends, then you need to be sure that it can wrap completely round your wrist, because if it can't, then it'll either be just too short or just too long. One of the ones I did ended up too long, so I knotted the braided section a few times to shorten it. But, if your just going to tie it by either end, then disregard everything I just said.
jennybotha2 years ago
Hi--- just wondering -- as I don't have hemp-- just wondered if it could be made with colored electric wire-- it looks like scooby doo but has wire in the middle as opposed to being hollow.
Bleu Eyes (author)  jennybotha2 years ago
Sadly, I don't have a clue what your talking about Scooby doo-wise, but yes, you can use colored electric wire, stripped or unstripped. Unstripped you'd have to loosen up your braiding quite a bit to keep the bracelet from being too tight, and you'd have to use bigger beads to fit over the plastic. Stripped, just bend it a little after you thread each bead so that you don't end up with it barely braided. Bending it will make it fit tighter together. I hope this helps a bit.
Thanks, Bleu. Scooby doo is just a name for bright colored thin tubing that that many use to make friendship bracelets with.You may know it under another name. The wire I'm talking about looks like the scooby tubes but just have very thin wire inside. Hope that makes it a bit clearer.
Lovely! So many possibilities!