Step 4: Beads!

Now that you have your braided section, you can start adding your decorations. Thee are probably a million ways you could do this, but here are a few that I did:

Method 1:
Hold the end of the braid with your thumb and forefinger. Hold the cord in a way so that you are about to bring the farthest strand to the right, into the middle. Now, find the end of the cord and push your bead onto the end, pulling it up until it's nestled against the other pieces of cord. Bring the cord with a bead on it to the center of the braid, and before you pull in the cord from the left, put a bead on that. repeat, putting beads onto the outermost cords as you braid. Continue for as long as you like.

Method 2:
Follow the method above, only do this solely on one side. Continue for as long as you like.

Method 3:
Follow Method 2, except braid the cord without beads on it in between sections of beaded braid, like in the picture.
Hi--- just wondering -- as I don't have hemp-- just wondered if it could be made with colored electric wire-- it looks like scooby doo but has wire in the middle as opposed to being hollow.
Sadly, I don't have a clue what your talking about Scooby doo-wise, but yes, you can use colored electric wire, stripped or unstripped. Unstripped you'd have to loosen up your braiding quite a bit to keep the bracelet from being too tight, and you'd have to use bigger beads to fit over the plastic. Stripped, just bend it a little after you thread each bead so that you don't end up with it barely braided. Bending it will make it fit tighter together. I hope this helps a bit.
Thanks, Bleu. Scooby doo is just a name for bright colored thin tubing that that many use to make friendship bracelets with.You may know it under another name. The wire I'm talking about looks like the scooby tubes but just have very thin wire inside. Hope that makes it a bit clearer.
Lovely! So many possibilities!

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