Step 2: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
These are the things I used to make the cryptex. If you don't have some things, there may be another way to do it, just look where I used the material or tool, and look if you can think of a surrogate.

The choice of the four tubes is really important. They have to fit in eachother, with not too much space between them, and also not too little(they still need to be able to move in eachother.) The two outer tubes are an exception to this, they may fit real tight. I have the outer tubes as PVC tubes, I think that's the best choice, and the inner two tubes I have in metal. The second smallest tube doesn't need to be in metal, but the smallest is better in metal, I think. That is because we will hammer 6 nails through it, which need to stay in that place. That's why we solder it from the inside, to that the nails stay in place. you could use a PVC tube for the smallest tube, but then it better have a thick frame, for the nails. These nails are so important because they are the tabs that go through the notches on the rings. They may not break.
Where would you recomend buying the four tubes ?
I have made a lot of different things with tubes and I always go to LOWES.
i would say home hardware in the plumbing section, or any hardware store,if you cant find any ask a clerk or someone
Nick6925 years ago
Can anyone give me any tips on where to buy the 4 tubes that fit into each other? Are they readily available at hardware stores, or are they hard to find?
steampirate6 years ago
Are those citadel paints in the picture?
Yes they are, well seen ;)
themonorail6 years ago
does it destroy the message inside if you break it like in the book?
Not exactly. however, read the whole intro of this insructable to get the whole story on the ink.