Introduction: How to Make a Fabric Flower

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Step by step how to make this fabric flower.

Step 1: Items Needed

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A Hot Glue Gun and Glue stick
A Pair of Scissors

A Lighter

Needle and Thread

A Ruler

Some Lace

Some Satin Fabric

A Bead or Button ---- And paper

Step 2: Measure Some Lace

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The First thing you should do is measure out 24 inches of your lace.

You can use any type of lace depending how big you would like your flower.

Mine is an inch and a half wide by 12 inches.

Step 3: Threaded Your Needle

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Take your threaded needle
Do a running stitch across the top edge of the lace

When you finish stitching along the top of the lace. Pull the thread gently so that the lace gathers and forms a circle.

You then sew the two ends together.

Step 4: Cut a Paper Circle

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Next get your scissors and the paper.
Cut a circle large enough to cover the middle of your lace.

Now glue the circle to the back/ middle of your circle of lace

Step 5: Get Your Satin Fabric

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You will need your satin fabric (less then ¼ )and scissors
Cut different sized circles 10 to 15

You will need your lighter.

Start to burn the edges of your circles lightly until they turn inwards

Step 6: Stack Your Fabric Circles

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Once you have finished burning the edges of your circles you should stack them – largest to smallest inside each other.
You then sew all the layers together

When you finish sewing the circles together you should have a lace circle base and a fabric circle which will be the top

Step 7: Glue Your Bead

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Add a small amount of hot glue to your bead or button, then add it to the centre of your flower.

Finally you simply glue the fabric top to the lace bottom and you are done.


lynmiller (author)2015-06-24

So cute!

Jana106 (author)2015-06-18

That's really cute and creative I like it

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