Introduction: How To: Make a Felt Combee Pokemon Plush

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So you wanna be a Pokemon crafter? Try out a cuddly Combee! Why not craft them all? This tutorial features an intermediate to hard level craft using felt.

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Combee is owned by Pokemon, not this instructable!

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Supplies

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Follow along with the video or check pattern for supplies including felt, needle, thread, and scissors.

Step 2: Step 2: Start Sewing

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  • Start by felt stitching on the hexagon faces onto a dodecahedron (faces can be U shapes or solid pink smiles)
  • Attach headpiece onto bottom for a female Combee (only 12.5% of all Combee are female)
  • Attach antennae on the top two bees
  • Wings will be inserted by clipping sides near top once one side of the perimeter has been sewn
  • The back will have 2 yellow hexagons and 1 black hexagon (see references)
  • A yellow circle is places for the bottom bee's spiracle (booty)

Step 3: Close Plush and Start Adventures!

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The push is complete once the back is closed. Now you can go on photoshoots with your new Pokemon!


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