Do you need a Facebook, Twitter, or blog profile image of yourself?  Do you want it to be accurate AND flattering?  Perhaps even inviting?  And I bet you don’t want to spend an arm-and-a-leg on expensive software, nor do you want to invest the time it takes to learn it.  The good news is you don’t have to settle for using an image that doesn’t reflect the real you, and in this Instructable, I will try and show you an easy and free way to make a usable image which shows you at your best.

Here’s how I made an image of myself to use for my various social sites, and it didn’t cost me a dime.  I didn’t have to resort to finding a photo of my younger self, nor did I have to retouch it, so I can feel good that it is an accurate picture of how I look now.

Step 1: Tools You Will Need

A Windows based PC.  (You can do this on a Mac, too, but you will need to substitute other software.)

A digital photo of yourself. 

IrfanView software.  You can also use another free photo viewing software, such as Picasa,  XnView, Zoner Photo Studio Free, Fastone ImageViewer, or WildBitViewer.  All of these are free, simple to use, and let you fix red-eye, color tone, resize, and crop.  Just make sure it can open an image in the “png” format.  If you have a Mac, iPhoto will do the same, and comes free with your computer.  Gimp is a free photo editor, too, but it’s very complicated to use.  Of course, if you already have Photoshop then just use it, but you are on your own. 

Inkscape vector software
.  Inkscape is free and there are versions for all operating systems: Windows (all flavors), Mac, and Linux.

facebook photos shouldn't really be distorted by colours<br>a few blemish removals is okay but this doesnt really show who you are
I wasn't aware that the Facebook Police were patrolling around here.<br><br>Obviously, this isn't for important sites, such as LinkedIn, or for a passport photo. I have noted in one of the early steps that if you're happy with just a tight crop on your face, you can stop. However, it's been my observation that many people provide user photos that are less than flattering, or are not terribly clear. Certainly, you could spend hours air-brushing your flaws, or you could just do this quick, light, easy trick. To do that, most people would have to invest money and time to learn how to use complicated software such as Photoshop or Gimp. If you follow the steps in this Instructables, you'll get decent results in hardly any time at all. <br><br>If you disapprove of anyone wanting to put their best face forward, feel free to completely ignore this Instructables! Or better yet, do something constructive, and make your own Instructable instead.<br>
I do agree with you. Only, I don't think of gimp as complicated. Inkscape and Photoshop do confuse me though.
Well said.
Flattering? :o
Weeellll, I admit it's relative. Perhaps you'd agree IF you saw the original in the flesh.
I think you look good, grapeshot! Thanks for the great idea!

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