How to make a graveyard scary enough to make kids think about skipping trick-or-treating there, yet cool enough to make your neighbors jealous of your display.

Step 1: Plan It Out

 Plan what you want to do. Question yourself how you want your graveyard to look and picture it in your mind.
   In this case, I'm going to have a graveyard with a variety of different things. I'll include graves, dummies and a hearse. You don't necessarily need any dummies or cars, but it sure does make your graveyard stand out a lot more than any other one.
  - Try not to have to much of a variety.
  - Don't add too much. It can get to look sloppy.

<p>Wow! Nothing could set the scene better than a real hearse and old coffin! Where did you get them from?</p>
Cool yard haunt!! Where do you find a 1800's coffin?<br />
dude, this is the awesomest graveyard ever!<br />

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