Picture of How To Make a Jar Safe!!?
2012-04-27 23.13.45.jpg
i was thinking how to recycle an old jar and while i was  thinking
i came up with a good idea that's easy to make and it is also a great last Minuit gift and so easy to make it is The Jar Safe
it is so easy to make and doesn't cost any thing?!! 

and there's a target from this instructable , the target is you must start save some money for the future if you need some thing you want to get like arduino or for college or for present for your best friend ...etc.
and i have been saving for 2 months and i have now 200 L.E which equals   = 33.3$ 
and i think you shoulg start save money from now and get what you want.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials.

Picture of Tools and Materials.
2012-04-27 23.17.38.jpg
2012-04-27 23.24.51.jpg
2012-04-27 23.13.45.jpg
a jar
coins and money
a file
a hobby knife

Step 2: Let's start

first unscrew the jar cap and then cut the middle with the hobby knife of it to make the hole that we will but the coin in then sand it with file to make it more smooth and look good 

Step 3: Done!!

Picture of Done!!
2012-04-27 23.25.21.jpg
2012-04-27 23.24.51.jpg
but the cap in the top of the jar again and you are done!!!
when you done but your money in and there you have it the Jar Safe
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sunshiine3 years ago
Love the pictures!
Mahmoud Alaa (author)  sunshiine3 years ago
thanks you can see at step 2 picture 3 the old egyptian coins and other
USB Man3 years ago
good 'able