Picture of How To Make a Labyrinth For Your School's Art Gallery
This was a project I did for my English class at school, inspired by Kiteman's Labyrinth instructables.


I've tried to be quick and to the point with the text, because I know that although the instructables with tons and tons of writing are usually the most informative ones, they're also usually the one's that get overlooked fastest.

Step 1: Calculations

Picture of Calculations
In this step, I did a lot of math. I figured out what the area of the labyrinth would be, and how much I would need of each material.

At this point I also made a prototype in the front yard.
HelenaTroy1 year ago

excellent idea, well explained. if i were wearing a hat i'd take it off to you.

One Word: Cool!!!!
Deslivres6 years ago
You finally made it ! Congratulations on the Instructable (and the great mark) - sterling work.
threecheersfornick (author)  Deslivres6 years ago
CarpetGnome6 years ago
Wow, well done. This opens up many ideas, thank you.
threecheersfornick (author)  CarpetGnome6 years ago
No problem! I'm glad you liked it.