This was a project I did for my English class at school, inspired by Kiteman's Labyrinth instructables.


I've tried to be quick and to the point with the text, because I know that although the instructables with tons and tons of writing are usually the most informative ones, they're also usually the one's that get overlooked fastest.

Step 1: Calculations

In this step, I did a lot of math. I figured out what the area of the labyrinth would be, and how much I would need of each material.

At this point I also made a prototype in the front yard.
<p>excellent idea, well explained. if i were wearing a hat i'd take it off to you.</p>
One Word: Cool!!!!
You finally made it ! Congratulations on the Instructable (and the great mark) - sterling work.
Wow, well done. This opens up many ideas, thank you.
No problem! I'm glad you liked it.

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