Picture of How To: Make a Leather Wallet

I have a pretty fat wallet. Not that any of it's money. It's mostly various cards to help me save money. I'm addicted to savings cards! My wallet is full of membership cards, bonus cards, punch cards, you name it. If it might somehow save me money one day I keep it. This pile of cards has become this blurry picture...

 photo 27701ab7.jpg

That's right. About an inch sans wallet. Adding the wallet makes it even thicker.


In fact, I started carrying my wallet around open so that it wasn't so thick, but I feel so insecure everytime I take it out. I'm always glancing around thinking I must have dropped something important.

The challenge I gave myself was to make a wallet that was as secure as my current is when closed, but as thin as it is when open. I think I've succeeded.

To the leather scraps!

Step 1: Selecting and Cutting your Leather

Picture of Selecting and Cutting your Leather

The leather I wanted to use was really "woolly" so I used sandpaper to smooth it out a bit.

 photo 3c0ae57a.jpg

 photo 38fbd2b3.jpg

The plan was to have four pockets to carry my various cards so they would be more spread out rather than just one big stack like my previous wallet. I needed three pieces for my design. One large piece and two small pieces that would be the pockets. I used the cards from my wallet to figure the size.

 photo 389a3b9d.jpg

 photo 59214e56.jpg

As you can see here I've already skipped ahead to the next step.

Not pictured: I also used an edge beveler to shave the edges down and make them more rounded and less jagged.

hdraper191 year ago

this is so cool could i buy one

Wait, wait, wait, do you still have a Blockbuster? Is that the card on top in that picture?

The Rambler (author)  technoplastique1 year ago

HA! I was wondering how long it would be before someone pointed that out. Alas, we don't anymore. We still had one up until a very short while ago but it finally closed. No surprise there either since they were ridiculously expensive.

neo716651 year ago

The wallet is nice but I cut all my cards down by using keyring on my phone. Take a pic of each card then follow the steps and its barcode is now stored on your phone instead of piled up in your wallet. There are other apps that might be better but that's the one I like.

The Rambler (author)  neo716651 year ago

That's awesome. If I wasn't super paranoid about stuff like that I would jump on that bandwagon so fast.

Nice job! And thanks for showing your wet forming process!

No problem! I talked about it in my Leather top hat instructable as well actually.

xenor1 year ago

Looks great! Effective design too. Bravo

The Rambler (author)  xenor1 year ago