Step 5: Add a Door Hole

Now it's time to add a Door Hole!  Break an at least  two block high hole in one of the walls in your house, starting from the ground up.
To make the iron door open, just place a pressure plate in front of it or a lever to the side.
You cant in pocket edition<br>(Duh)
Hey Dude, Nice House. Now all u have to do is light the tnt! :P
<p>Of course, YOU would want to do that being a Creeper and all.</p>
<p>if you light it it will kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
This is so stupid. People know how to make a freakin house genius
and people know how to report spamming, hating n00bs that hate helpers.
To open it u would put a lever or buttun and when u try to open the TNT would light so u would blow up
I tried putting a button.
The same works for wooden doors. I've used the system in a 4x5 house.
Thanks! I Might make another instructable with how to make the door open, or just add it to this one. I probably just make separate one on how to make an openable door, then put the link in this one. I don't know a lot about how to play Minecraft. Did you know that Notch, the creator of minecraft, programed Minecraft from scratch in Java? Cool, right? <br>ianolivia <br>Edit: CazzPhoenix, I will credit, and put your comment in the instructable, too. :) <br>ianolivia

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