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Introduction: How to Make a Macro Lens

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In this instructable I'll show you how to make a Macro lens. Macro lens's are used to take close up pictures of stuff. Most cameras (like mine) can't take a clear picture if the object is to close, this lens will help when taking really close up pictures. This is great for taking pictures for an instructable!

You'll Need:

- Some small Lens's (you can get these from Binoculars, Cheap rifle scopes or small magnify glasses, or pretty much anything)
- A Dremel
- A Razor
- Card Board, Wood
- Small Plastic bottle

Step 1: Different Lens's

There are two different lens's I'll show how to make. I'll show you how to make a cardboard one first.
To make the cardboard type, cut out a circle of card board that fits over your cameras lens, then drill or cut a hole in the card board and insert the lens, Your Done!! (with that type) you can use either duct tape or tacky to keep it on.

Step 2: 2nd Lens Type

This is a better model, but its a little harder to make. First, you'll have to find a plastic bottle that fits over the lens of your camera. Then, once you find a bottle bottom drill a hole the size of the lens and put the lens in the hole, now you have completed your lens.

Step 3: Attaching the Different Lenses

Here is how I attach the lenses, this will differ on what type of camera you have.

Step 4: Different Sizes

Different size lenses will result in different pictures, the small the lens the closer up pictures possible the bigger the lens not so close pictures possible

Step 5: Resulting Pictures

Here are some pictures I got.

Ask if you have any questions




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    Outstanding tut! This poor white boy thanks you. I have an old SLR (the FIRST digital Rebel model), with 2 lenses, this will open a few more options. Much appreciaed

    Will this lens work for all types of cameras?

    The picures at the end are wonderful. Great job.

    i,ve been make macro lens fo my phone. i got from telescope lens. it,s work great..


    I have that same camera! It fits in my purse where my other one doesn't. And....find that the macro just doesn't do what I want it to, so this is a good instructable for me! What did you use for the lenses? I HAVE to go get it and make this!! I'm an amateur photog who is starting to win blue ribbons now at the fairs, but I want MORE!! *haha*

    I got the lenses out my brothers old pellet rifle's scope, you can get cheap scopes at wal-mart for a couple of bucks.

    Could a lens from another un working camera be used, or does it have to be from a scope or telescope?
    I have a sony handyDCR-SR68camcorder , close ups are very hard to get clear.
    It has auto focus will an additional lens effect the auto focus?

    Also no software any one have the software I can download, i bought the camera
    a month ago it was a display got a great deal but not happy with some functions.
    Can anyone help ?

    yes, any type of lens will work. however some may not work as well as others (not magnify as much as others)

    sounds to me like all lens are equal, but some are equalizer then others

    Thanks for the fast reply I will work on it , nothing fancy at first and then post my results . After I see how to improve it I'll post more results.

    This is a great thread thank you