Picture of How To Make a Mailbox Messenger Bag
Messenger bags are a great way to carry your things with you at all times. They can hold almost anything you feel like shoving into them, and can still be easier to carry then a backpack.

Another good thing about messenger bags is that almost anything can be made into one, including mailboxes. In this Instructable (Which is my first one), I'll show you how to take almost any old mailbox and turn it into a very usable and stylish messenger bag in only a few minutes.

Before you begin, you might want to make sure you have a few of these materials lying around:

An old mailbox (Post mount boxes work better then wall mount ones)
An old strap or fabric to make into one
An old towel your willing to get dirty
x2 Screws (Not to big but not to small)
x2 Washers
x2 Nuts

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Step 1: Finding a Mailbox

Picture of Finding a Mailbox
If your lucky, you'll already have an old mailbox somewhere around your house.

But, if your more like me and don't have a steady supply of mailboxes, then the best places to look are in the trash and in thrift stores. Both of these places are filled with things you would never expect, and there are usually quite a few mailboxes in both of these places.

I found the mailbox I used for this Instructable in the trash. There were about ten there, because an apartment complex was doing a major renovation to their buildings. Which involved throwing away all the tenants mailboxes for no apparent reason.

Step 2: Clean your Mailbox

Picture of Clean your Mailbox
Mailboxes can get pretty dirty while collecting our mail in the rain, snow, sun, and every other kind of weather you can think of. Spiders also like to make their webs inside of mailboxes, where they don't catch many bugs, but may catch a package or the postman's hand once in a while.

Take a damp cloth and wipe the mailbox off on the inside and out. You'll be surprised how much dirt, and spiders, that you can get off with just water.

Step 3: Finding a Strap

Picture of Finding a Strap
Without a good strap to put around your shoulder, your basically just a person carrying someone's old mailbox. But attach a strap to that mailbox, and you've got something a lot better then a normal mailbox.

Finding a strap for the box should be a lot easier then finding the mailbox itself.

A good strap should be around four feet long, but the length will vary depending on the length of the mailbox and your height. For my box, which is only 19 inches long, four feet was just enough.

The best things to use for a strap would be an old strap that broke off something else, such as a backpack or other things close to that. You can also use a piece of old fabric, but just plain fabric is much weaker, and usually doesn't look as good.

The strap I used for my box came off an old golf bag, which was laying in the trash right next to the mailbox.

Step 4: Attach The Strap

Picture of Attach The Strap
To attach the strap, it helps to have some kind of electric screwdriver or rotary tool. It's possible to do this without electric tools, but it takes much more labor and time.

First, pierce both ends of the strap near the edge, but not to close to the edge of the strap.

Then, using your rotary tool (or whatever it is you have to use) make two holes in the mailbox, one near the front, and one near the back. Both holes should be on opposite sides of the box, and they should be positioned right where the box starts to curve (Near the top).

After that, if your mailbox is still in one piece, use your  washers, screws, and nuts to attach the strap to the box.

Step 5: Use It

Picture of Use It
Now you've got a very useful, and very interesting new thing to carry your stuff in.

So take it out into the world, and enjoy the very confused looks and compliments from complete strangers.

I apologize for the lack of step by step pictures, but when I made this I didn't expect to make it into a Instructable. But I decided to try it after using this bag for the first time and getting a lot of very confused people telling me how they love my mailbox. Hopefully people tell you the same thing. Just the people's reactions alone make this whole project worth it.

scoochmaroo5 years ago
Cute idea. Is it heavy?
0Ihavenousername0 (author)  scoochmaroo5 years ago
Not at all. It looks heavier then it is.
Very unique.  I bet you could sell a ton!
0Ihavenousername0 (author)  scoochmaroo5 years ago
Thanks. I don't think I could find enough mailboxes to sell them though. I just got lucky and found all the materials on one walk, then figured out how to put them together on the walk home.

Even though I could probably never sell them, I'm still happy if other people make them too.