Step 1: Materials

2 pop cans Sharp blade Cotton balls Book to hold blade (it's not my book) Scissors Drill with a 7/32 and 1/16 bit. Or a push tack Ruler Bottle of HEET
Never had chance till now but I've made quite a few of these little stoves. I'm now planning on using a few as the 'burner' part of a heater for the shed. I'm also experimenting on the best number and size of holes. <br> <br>Great little ibble and straight to the point. <br> <br>
No it's not really expensive. It's 3 dollars for a 1 liter bottle.
Heet is an overly expensive isopropyl alcohol, read the active ingredient on the bottle it'll say there.
And I already put a quarter in there. You can't really see it though
I know I tried that but it wasn't working. I just hold it over an open flame for a bit and that works fine. Cause you have to wait till you hear a boilin sound and when you hear that just ignore the jets then it keeps the jet pressure
You can put a penny over the fill hole, put some HEET into that area, an light it to warm it up. It will auto ignite the outside burners when it warms up

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