Introduction: How to Make a Multi-Shot Nerf Gun

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This is my first instructable so i'm going to do my best at showing you exactly what to do

Step 1: STEP: 1

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1 Marshmallow crossbow
12 nerf darts (anything but streamline darts)
1 rubber band
1 gatorade bottle cap

Step 2:

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Now, take the rubber band and wrap it around all 12 nerf darts

Step 3:

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Now jam the gatorade cap down the front until it wont go any further

Step 4:

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finally take the bundled darts and jam them in front of the cap (if its hard to load squeeze the bottom of the bundle to flatten the bottom)


geniuskid9 (author)2012-10-17

whats the cap for?

davtheman223 (author)geniuskid92012-12-28

its like wadding

davtheman223 (author)geniuskid92012-10-19

it pushes the darts forward. the darts dont make an air-tight seal

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