Picture of How To Make a Nerf Longshot Silencer Easily!!

This is how to make a silencer for a Nerf LONGSHOT in 2 steps.      

You will need 1 arrowhead water bottle any size.   {half pint looks cool}

1 exacto knife or scissors

{optional}    blue or yellow spray paint depending on the color of your longshot. please people the only way i can keep making instructables is if u sign up here please do it  its not a spam site u can get real stuff from there                                          signup here   

PS  sorry no pics i didnt have my camera with me.

update 1 now i have pics enjoy!
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Step 1: Cutting the bottle

Picture of cutting the bottle

First take the cap off your bottle. Then take some scicssors or exacto knife and cut about 1 centimeter off the bottom of the bottle so  your dart can go all the way through.

Step 2: Painting and done!!!!

Picture of painting and done!!!!
Now you take spraypaint and paint the entire bottle either yellow or blue [or red if you have a rare one.Then let it dry and your done!!!!!

ps you can't put on the front barrel attachment when you have the silencer in. pss    you put the drinking part of the bottle into the barrel
lil larry4 years ago
dude, thenx man!!!!! :)
otees4 years ago
yamanxxx4 years ago
pretty good
NatNoBrains4 years ago
I used this on my Deploy and it took away the blasting sound! Nice one 4.5* + a sub!
hermie101 (author)  NatNoBrains4 years ago
Thanks flannel uk it feels good to have people that like your instructable
polar5684 years ago
and this is supposed to make it look cool right
hermie101 (author)  polar5684 years ago
yes it makes it look cool polar568 and it improves accuracy too. thank you for being the only positive commenter
i'm going to give you 100 points
that's cool but i think you should put it green what ever you decide
funnyice3 years ago
nice but paint the silencer