This is a CHEAPER way to have your favorite ART hanging around your house. Why spend $60 or more on artwork that you can make yourself for almost FREE?

Step 1: Find the Picture That You Want to Turn Into a POSTER

Find your favorite image or picture on the internet or in a magazine. Print it or cut it out!
<a href="http://www.blockposters.com/" rel="nofollow">http://www.blockposters.com/</a><br> <br> You are a really good artist, but the site linked to kinda makes this all obsolete. Get a picture in JPEG format under a megabyte, through whatever means, and upload to that site. Run their program, convert it, and print. All free except the cost of paper/ink, and you can usually find those for free somewhere.
I am not sure about your policies, but there is a copyright issue(s) here... I think. Copying 'other' peoples art work is illegal! unethical. Just because the internet is there, does not mean you can do this. <br>if it's for personal reasons and ONLY Personal reasons, never resold, maybe it's okay. Be careful with this article, I find it very misleading. I hate to see innocent work done and have bad things happen.. mind you bad people do it on purpose, but sad to see. I find the mind has a lot to offer, just make your own creation, I bet it would be wonderful.
wow your a great artist i like your version WAY better then the original printout! Great instructable I'm definitely going to try this!!!!!! :P
wow you are a very talented person Keep it up id love to see more of your work
Hey thanks! I have a photoshop cartoon coming soon....

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