This is a CHEAPER way to have your favorite ART hanging around your house. Why spend $60 or more on artwork that you can make yourself for almost FREE?

Step 1: Find the picture that you want to turn into a POSTER

Picture of Find the picture that you want to turn into a POSTER
Find your favorite image or picture on the internet or in a magazine. Print it or cut it out!
ilpug2 years ago

You are a really good artist, but the site linked to kinda makes this all obsolete. Get a picture in JPEG format under a megabyte, through whatever means, and upload to that site. Run their program, convert it, and print. All free except the cost of paper/ink, and you can usually find those for free somewhere.
makuah3 years ago
I am not sure about your policies, but there is a copyright issue(s) here... I think. Copying 'other' peoples art work is illegal! unethical. Just because the internet is there, does not mean you can do this.
if it's for personal reasons and ONLY Personal reasons, never resold, maybe it's okay. Be careful with this article, I find it very misleading. I hate to see innocent work done and have bad things happen.. mind you bad people do it on purpose, but sad to see. I find the mind has a lot to offer, just make your own creation, I bet it would be wonderful.
ANTQNUT6 years ago
wow your a great artist i like your version WAY better then the original printout! Great instructable I'm definitely going to try this!!!!!! :P
wow you are a very talented person Keep it up id love to see more of your work
dviz (author)  stephenniall6 years ago
Hey thanks! I have a photoshop cartoon coming soon....